Oticon Hearing Aids: Designed For Functionality

Looking For Variety? Then Check Out Oticon Hearing Aids

The process of picking out and buying a hearing aid is different based on the individual. Some people need function over form. A device that is discrete and they won’t be embarrassed to wear is of great importance to others. Not surprisingly, the cost is also very much an issue for many. All of these qualities are obtainable with Oticon hearing aids.

There are a multitude of types, models, and technological levels available with Oticon hearing aids. Cost is usually determined by features and design. Different models of Oticon hearing aids are geared toward hearing loss and the need of the wearer.

The Go Pro is a fairly low-cost model. The high quality of sound is one of its excellent features. It is a simple device, yet it has some automatic features. This is a good selection for those who want to spend less without sacrificing all the quality of the Oticon hearing aids.

Oticon has another economical model called Atlas. Atlas is another solid choice in the Oticon hearing aids product line. Assembly line construction helps keep the price low. This may be a concern for those looking for more custom devices, but those can be more costly.

Oticon hearing aids are designed with differing levels of loss of hearing in mind. Those who have damage which is not severe can choose from the full lineup of models. The Delta model is only for those with very mild hearing loss. Sumo DM would work best for those with severe hearing damage. It helps the wearer to hear voices as strongly and clearly as conceivable with little distortion. Batteries tend to last longer with Sumo than with most power models.

Safran focuses on other sounds rather than just those of typical everyday voices and conversation. This way they can hear nature’s sounds, for instance, to enjoy the world around them. The great thing is it works just as well with speech.

Oticon hearing aids also fit the bill if you’re looking for something more technologically advanced. Syncro uses advanced tech to differentiate between speech and noise. It can also distinguish the deviation between what we call noise and what we call sound. It lessens the noise, which is usually unwanted, and increases the sound, which is usually what we want to hear.

To determine where sounds are coming from, the Epoch Oticon hearing aid uses high tech components. It is compatible with mobile phones. For those who want Bluetooth and MP3 compatibility, the right choice is The Rise. Binaural sound (two hearings aids working together as if they are one) is a feature found on a great deal of Oticon’s hearing aids.

To prevent occlusion, which is the shut off feeling in the ear when a hearing aid is blocking the ear canal, Oticon offers the Tego hearing aid with OpenEarAcoustics. It is one of the aids that make changes depending on environment, and it does it automatically.

Everyone is looking for a maximum number of choices, whether they are buying their first hearing aid or their tenth. With the wide array of Oticon hearing aids available, you’re sure to find one to fit your needs.

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