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FREE SHIPPING $40+ CALL or TEXT: 1-888-576-7895

FREE SHIPPING $40+ CALL or TEXT: 1-888-576-7895

Virtual Appointments

Consult a Professional!

Arrange an Online Appointment to Adjust or Tune Your Hearing Aids


CALL (toll free): 1-888-576-7895


Services Offered Online Include:

  • Increasing or decreasing hearing aid volume
  • Minimizing annoying whistling (feedback)
  • Adding hearing aid programs for TV and background noise
  • Connecting to cellphones and hearing aid apps
  • Counselling on proper hearing aid usage and insertion
  • Answering general questions related to hearing aid usage and care

And many more..

Call 1-888-576-7895 or EMAIL for a free consultation with a qualified hearing care professional about your hearing aids! 






*hearing aids must be wireless (2.4gHz) compatible, and user is required to have a smartphone.


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