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Bernafon TV-A

The Bernafon TV Adapter transmits sound from your TV or home theatre directly to wireless Bernafon hearing aids. Boost your listening experience by hearing your favourite TV shows and programs at a comfortable level without disturbing anyone in the family, or nearby.

The Bernafon TV Adapter further enriches your listening experience by letting you focus on what is being said by eliminating background noise in your environment - helping you understand every word without raising volume. Easy to connect and pair, the TV Adapter will stream sounds to your hearing aids in one easy click from a Bernafon RC-A Remote Control, smartphone app, or hearing aid push button. 

  • Thin and compact design
  • Connects to multiple hearing aids at the same time
  • Easy pairing and set-up
  • No professional programming required  
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Compatible with Zerena, Leox, and Viron models
  • Original Bernafon product in manufacturer sealed packaging
  • Includes power supply, TOSLINK optical cable 2.0 metres, SCART to RCA converter, RCA to RCA stereo cable, minijack 3.5mm to RCA converter

Link to instruction manual