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Oticon Charger 1.0

by Oticon

The Oticon Charger 1.0 is a table-top charging unit for Oticon OPN S and More miniRITE-R hearing aids. Using advanced inductive charging technology, the Charger 1.0 quickly powers your hearing aids for a full day's use. 

The Oticon Charger 1.0 fully charges hearing aids within 3-hours while holding the hearing aids in the charging slots through a secure a magnetic connection. The charger is designed to simplify everyday hearing aid usage in a few, easy steps and also helps minimize impact on the environment caused by conventional hearing aid battery disposal. 

  • 3-year manufacturer warranty 
  • Easy to use
  • Simple to clean
  • Fast charge time
  • Allows daily drying of hearing aids
  • Fixed USB power cable
  • Highly stable rubber footings
  • Compatible with Oticon OPN S and More miniRITE R hearing aids
  • Original Oticon product in manufacturer-sealed packaging
  • Includes instructions for use, USB power adapter, protective travel pouch 


Instruction Manuals:

Link to instructions for use

Link to technical data sheet


Instructional Video: