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Oticon miniFit Open 8mm

by Oticon

The Oticon miniFit Open 8mm Dome is a glossy rubber covering that protects Oticon hearing aid speakers from wax, residue, and debris while keeping them appropriately positioned inside your ear throughout the day. Oticon miniFit Open 8mm Domes are suitable for small, medium, or large size ear canals. 

Made from durable medical-grade silicone, Oticon miniFit Domes will easily attach to most modern Oticon hearing aids. For maximum sound quality and to help prevent itchiness, staining, and tears, replace miniFit domes along with Oticon Prowax miniFit Filters and (optional) Oticon miniFit Ear Grips every month, or when your hearing aid has stopped working.  

  • Product code: 125925000001
  • Easy to remove and replace
  • Fastens securely to hearing aid
  • Hypoallergenic silicone material
  • 10 Oticon 8mm open domes per pack 
  • Original Oticon product in manufacturer-sealed packaging