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Oticon ProWax Filters

by Oticon

The Oticon ProWax Filters are tiny wax-collecting baskets that stop moisture, wax, and debris from blocking sound on your hearing aid. The Oticon ProWax Filter is approx 1mm deep, and 2mm wide with a turtle-shell shaped holster and light grey filter cartridges.

The Oticon ProWax hearing aid wax guard is made with tiny perforations as well as a nano coating making it moisture repellent and invisible to sound. The Oticon ProWax Filter can be used on most modern Oticon ITE hearing aids and earmoulds. Achieve optimum hearing aid performance and speech clarity by replacing Oticon ProWax Filters monthly, or when your hearing aid has stopped working.

  • 6 Oticon Pro Wax filters per pack 
  • Product code: 123367000001

 Instructional Video: